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The wonderings and wanderings of an occasional party boy
Mar 12 2013
There are only three questions that matter in the kitchen if you’re cooking and not baking. The first is how good are your ingredients; the second is how much salt to add; and the third is how long to cook whatever it is you’re cooking — the question of doneness.
— “Done,” by Tom Junod
Nov 10 2012


Two Cops (1981) Episode One: “Moving In.” Courtesy Sunset Television and believermag.tumblr.com. More information at twocopsdoc.com. Watch this space next Thursday for Episode Two!

(Source: believermag, via pleasegoeasyonme)

Aug 19 2012
With Self/Other and INFY, via TEL.

With Self/Other and INFY, via TEL.

Aug 16 2012

Lunch Negotiations With INFY

  • INFY: honestly bring a spare life because i am going to murder you
  • IRB: You come at the king, you best not miss.
Jul 30 2012

Advice Column

  • INFY: [redacted] is so damn chatty sometimes i don't get that she gets that i'm styling on her
  • IRB: Style harder
Jun 28 2012
Jun 27 2012

Affected but still kind of enjoyable: “When Los Angeles Is a Man,” from Lous Vuitton.

May 31 2012
To experience joy, my father taught me, one has to leave oneself open to it.
—Anthony Bourdain, in Bon Appetit
Sep 7 2011


Aug 22 2011
Hollywood people are remarkably susceptible to fantasy. The same people that make fantasy want it and need it.
—Producer Richard Roth, in a nice profile of old-fashioned maître d’hôtel Dmitri Dmitrov.
Aug 20 2011
Persueco. It’s Italian Champagne, homie.
Aug 4 2011

"L.A. Light," by Colin Rich.

Jun 30 2011
It is a strange thing to love a city. In the end because no city is entirely knowable. What you love really are pieces of it. […] That is perhaps part of the allure, what brings us back to the cities we love: our desire to accumulate enough pieces so we can finally have it whole within us. But to love a city is also to love who we were at that time we fell in love.
—Junot Diaz, reflecting on Tokyo
Jun 15 2011

We had another absinthe

  • Bill: Where do you suppose he went?
  • Jake: Up to Paris.
  • Bill: What do you suppose he'll do?
  • Jake: Oh, to hell with him.
  • Bill: What do you suppose he'll do?
  • Jake: Pick up with his old girl, probably.
  • Bill: Who was his old girl?
  • Jake: Somebody named Frances.
Jun 1 2011

Is there anybody cooler than Glenn O’Brien? Via PTO